Eco friendly certifications


All products manufactured by Glory are certified Co2Neutral.

CO2Neutral certification

This label certifies that Glory calculates and compensates its CO2 emissions for the transformation of its raw material, the manufacturing and the transportation of its products. This guarantees real efforts in favour of the climate.

How does it work?

This certification covers the processing of raw material, the production and transportation of Glory products.

We calculate the annual CO2 emissions according to the weight and material of our products as well as the amount of kilometers covered (by air, sea and road) from the production site to the final customer.

We compensate for these emissions by purchasing carbon credits in order to support projects that aim to reduce CO2 emissions. This is a carbon offsetting program.

Which project do we support?

The reforestation of the Sierra de Lacandon in Guatemala. Each year, this national park in Guatemala loses hectares of forest due to poor management of agricultural land, fires and poachers. This project implements measures aimed at reducing deforestation, helping local communities and supporting the national park.

co2 neutral label reusable bag
co2 neutral label paper bag
co2 neutral label paper box
ISO9001 and ISO14001

Glory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

The ISO9001 certification is a standard that certifies that Glory places customer satisfaction at the heart of its commitment by guaranteeing the quality as well as conformity of its products and management.

The ISO14001 certification is a standard that certifies that Glory is committed to the environment by guaranteeing a control of the company's environmental impact through various actions intended to sustainably manage its activity.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

FSC ® certification (FSC ®C129805) is a tool, based on market requirements, to promote responsible forest management worldwide. Products from FSC ® certified forests are controlled from their origin, throughout the manufacturing process and all the way to their distribution. The FSC ® label guarantees that the products used come from controlled and sustainably harvested resources.

Cargo Green line®

Glory offers an eco-friendly logistics solution in collaboration with its partner Sedis Logistics®.

Thanks to this solution, the carbon impact can be reduced by 38% compared to traditional transportation.

Cargo green line
Cargo green