Our expertise


First step, the establishment of specifications. A research work is carried out to meet your needs. Whether you have a precise idea or not, our manufacturing team assists you in the design of your packaging, advises you in its development and offers you its know-how: formats, choice of materials, printing techniques ...


Second step, our design office creates and elaborates your projects, executes white prototypes, offers solutions and techniques adapted to the production of your packaging. It can send you a copy to press in order for you to have the rendering of the finished product. We guide you from the mock-up to the finished product delivered on site.


Once the model has been validated, our workshops start production. The development of a finished packaging can include up to 10 manufacturing stages: printing, embossing, marking, lamination, cutting, folding, gluing, placing of bottoms and edges, placing of handles, etc...


Last step, transport. We deliver to the address of your choice in one or more instalments. We can offer you tailor-made storage and routing solutions for your merchandise.